Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Downtown Washington D.C.

Today we headed downtown, to see some more museums and memorials. The weather was just beautiful - high 70's and only a little humid. It was also very busy! The guys headed to the downtown Air and Space Museum. Of course, I was thrilled since I missed this museum on the day Buzz and I saw the Spy Museum. We even got a chance to talk with a Tuskegee Airmen while we were there. We met up with the girls for lunch and then we all headed to the WWII monument. The girls had visited the Smithsonian "Castle" which the Horches had never been to before. We walked up to the Lincoln Memorial and then by the Vietnam Memorial before heading home to dinner. Here are some photos of the day.

The boys get a chance to look through a telescope at the surface of the sun. They had it set up in their new observatory that they built last year. The astronomer on staff showed them sun spots and explained how they formed on the surface of the sun.

Space Ship One, the first private space plane to reach outer space.

Chuck Yeager's "Glamorous Glennis" which was the first aircraft to break the sound barrier.

The boys get to touch a real moon rock!

Cole poses with Lucille Ball, a frequent flyer of the early airlines.

In front of a Japanese Zero!

Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" which made the first non-stop air crossing of the Atlantic.

A German V-2 rocket.

At the World War II memorial.

Of course the highlight of the day for the kids was the "Ninja Squirrel" that entertained them for several minutes.

Jack poses at the Lincoln Memorial.
From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking out towards the reflecting pool

Taking a break.

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