Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rounding Third

Here's a shot of Cole as he rounded third base. No he isn't about to score after hitting a home run. He walked and was batted in by a teammate. The game was a little uneventful, so that's why I only have one action shot tonight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Camera

We got a new digital camera this weekend. I have been taking so many photos of the kids activities, I figured we needed a camera with better capabilities like low light and telephoto.

Take a look at a few of the first photos taken with the new camera.

A sample macro photo of Irey's flowers.

Low light shot of the outdoor marshmallow fire.

The girls think their s'mores are lip smacking.

Jack got a little close to the fire and got a "hot face" (as he put it).

No comment....

Here is a shot of Kate using "shutter priority" to emphasize movement.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cowboy Friday

Friday was the Cascade Christian barbecue at lunchtime. Everyone got to dress up in their "Cowboy Best". You had your choice between a hot dog or hamburger with all the trimmin's.

Here are the three banditos. However, I think that Cole thought it was "Indiana Jones" Day!

I have seen our cat fall asleep on the couch this way, but never one of my kids! I guess the barbecue was just too much for him.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Announcing: Luke Andrew Farland

Announcing the arrival of our new nephew, Luke Andrew Farland. Luke arrived at 3:40 this afternoon. He is 8lbs. 13oz and 21 inches long, and cute as a button. Mom and Baby are doing great!

Check out the photos below.

What a pretty day to be born! Mid 70's and partly sunny.

Born here at St. John Hospital at 3:40pm today.

Mom and Dad pose with Baby Luke!

Cousin Kate gets to hold him first!

Luke was wide awake and looking around during our entire visit.

The three Lane cousins with Luke.

Cousin Jack and Luke.

The proud Papa, Adam and his big sis.

Cole gets his chance to hold his new cousin.

Last but not least, the proud Uncle gets his turn.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Leading Lady

Tonight was the Cascade Christian School annual play. The play was called: The Pirates of The "I Don't Care"-ibbean, and Kate had the lead part. We didn't even know that she was trying out for the play at all! The play was about a girl name Andie (Kate) who is a big time fan of the Pirates baseball team. While trying to catch a foul ball, she gets knocked unconscious and dreams that she is on an island with real pirates. The play centers around storing up treasures in heaven, instead of storing up treasures on earth. Kate did a fantastic job. She was a real pro, and we are so proud of her! Enjoy some photos from the show.

A shot of the title screen as the show got underway.

Kate performs her lines flawlessly!

Kate dialogs with cast-members.

Note the cool wireless microphone on her left cheek.

Congratulations from Papa and the rest of the family.
Kate's fan club all showed up for the performance. Both sets of grandparents, Aunt Lisa, Cousins Hannah and Samantha, friend Lauren and of course Mom, Dad and brothers Cole and Jack.
Publicity photo of the show's star and her parents. (She didn't get her talent from either of us!)
Kate gives Nana a signature on her program.
Oops! Dad had to change a flat tire after the show.
Hmmm...What do you get when you add milkshakes at 10pm with a group of grade-schoolers?
A couple of pretty bouquets for the pretty actress.