Saturday, September 20, 2008

A day in Seattle

Today, we travelled up to Seattle for the day. Teresa had to work in the morning at an OB/GYN conference, so we drove up together and the kids and I waited for her to finish up. Then we headed to downtown Seattle, to take a tour of Pikes Place Market. We spent a few hours touring around the stores there, and the boys even got to catch fish at the Fish Market! Then we headed north to the Alderwood Mall. We ate at the Macaroni Grill and then went shopping in the Alderwood Mall. The day was lots of fun, and everyone had a great time! Check out the photos:

The boys climb the stairs leading to Pikes Place Market
The boys thought that the fish on the left was pretty ugly. They got a kick out of it, when it would flop around from time to time (the employees tied a string to the tail and would give it a yank from behind the counter_
Jack was fascinated that the crawfish were still alive. Finally one got out and chased some of the customers with it's claws out. It was pretty funny.
Caution: Low Flying Fish! Jack took a shot at catching a fish (I pointed out the fish with a red arrow). He missed about four times, but the guy wouldn't let Jack quit until he caught it. The crowd had about as much fun as Jack did!
The big catch. Maybe the closed eyes were the problem?
Cole caught his on the first try, with roaring applause from the audience.
A shot at the crowd in the market. I think everyone came here today to get out of the rain.
We couldn't pass up the chance to add to our smashed penny collections!
The World's Best Kids stand in front of the World's Tallest Man.
Kate bought a bouquet of beautiful flowers.
The kids pose with Pike Place Market's official mascot, Rachel, a bronze cast piggy bank that weighs nearly 600 pounds. They say Rachel receives roughly $9,000 annually in just about every type of world currency! Jack wasn't happy in this photo (a long story). He perked up after a good lunch.